The Global Scientific Publishers (GSP) is an international leading publishing group for the scientific community, headquartered in the Washington DC area, USA. Its mission is to promote knowledge exchange and dissemination with the most efficient publishing process. All scientific material is peer-reviewed to warrant the reliability and accuracy of the information.

The GSP endeavors its every effort to distribute your to the widest extent. Every publication is indexed and searchable by the google scholar and many other search engines.

The GSP is environment friendly. In order to reduce the carbon consumption and protect the environment, the GSP focuses on online publishing. Most of journals and books of the GSP are accessible online, which not only reduces the cost of publishing, but also accelerates the publishing process.

Publishing with us

The GSP sincerely invites you to submit your research work to one of our scientific journals. You will receive the best presentation of your work with the highest publishing standard. Distinguished from other publishers, all GSP publications are copyedited to ensure the highest publishing standard.

Every scientific work deserves recognition. We endeavor our every effort to support researchers to publish their work in a timely manner, and have their results distributed world-wide. Here are a few advantages to publish with us:

•  Faster Publication: The GSP uses an innovative journal publication platform to publish the academic work of researchers and professionals in a timely manner. A paper is expected to be published within 2-6 weeks from submission.
•  Online Access: All journal contents published by the GSP are web-accessible and searchable by major search engines.
•  Peer Review: All scientific papers are peer reviewed. It is our reviewers and editors who determine the publication of a paper, not our publishers.
•  Affordability: The GSP publishes the highest quality and most reputable journals and books with the lowest publishing cost to the authors.

Preparation of Manuscript

Currently the GSP journals only accept submissions prepared in Word format. If you prepare your manuscript using another software, please convert it to a Word file before submission.

While the general information for authors is provided here, each journal has its own style. We recommend you prepare your manuscript based on the guidelines and template of the appropriate journal, which you can find from the journals page. All submissions must be written in English. If you are not confident with the English presentation of your manuscript, you may consider using the GSP Language Services for translation, grammar and spelling editing. Note that the use of this service does not guarantee the acceptance of your manuscript, but it ensures the editors and the reviewers can understand your work well, thus the publication process may be accelerated.

If you need third party materials in your manuscript, it is the author's responsibility to clear any copyright issues before submission. The GSP is proudly a member of the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM). If the publisher of the third party materials is also a member of the STM, the copyright fee are usually waived.

Submission of Manuscript

It is highly recommended that the authors use the online submission process. Authors can login here to submit the manuscript. In order to ensure the widest dissemination of your work, the GSP requires the author(s) transfer the exclusive copyright of the submitted material to the GSP. This does not prevent the reuse of the material of the author(s), instead,the GSP encourages the reuse of the materials published by the GSP. A copy of the copyright transfer form can be downloaded from here. It is valid for all the GSP publications.

• Download the Copyright Transfer Form (PDF file)


All manuscripts will undergo some form of copyediting. Authors are recommended to check proofs carefully. Corrections can be made on the PDF proofs and sent back via email within 48 hours. Extensive changes to proofs may incur a charge to the author. After the proofread proofs are returned to GSP, no further changes will be allowed.


As the GSP focuses on online publishing to reserve the energy and protect the environment, offprints are usually not provided. Instead the authors will receive a formal notice of publication and a softcopy of their paper in PDF file format. Without the permissions from the GSP, distribution of the PDF file is strictly prohibited unless the paper is assigned as an open access paper. In case of offprints are needed, authors can contact GSP for ordering and pricing information.

Permission Request

The GSP is a member of the STM - the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers. If the publisher of your journal is also a member of STM, you are free to reuse any GSP published material such as a figure or table, provided that you credit the original publication and its authors. In such a case, you don't need to contact the GSP for permission. For profitable use please contact the GSP at for permission. The turn around time for permission request is 1 week.

Publication Charges

GSP seeks to be the best scientific publisher on the world. Every submission is peer reviewed and carefully copy-edited. In order to defray the publication cost of scientific journals, certain journals of the GSP requires the authors pay a mandatory publication fee. Please refer to the journal of your interest for the policy of publication charges. However, the acceptance of a manuscript for publication in the GSP journal solely depends on its quality and merits.

Open Access Choice

The GSP uses a hybrid publishing model for certain journals such that the authors can have a choice whether their paper is open access. For open access papers, the authors are required to pay an open access publication fee to cover the publishing cost. Certain journals are completely open access, so a publication fee is mandatory for such journals. Please refer to the appropriate journal for the policy of publication charges.

Language Services

All the journals of the GSP are in English. Before submitting your manuscript, you may wish to make sure the English presentation of your manuscript is sufficient. Partnered with a number of translators and editors, the GSP provides translattion and/or editing services. The language services may help to ensure your paper is fully understood by the journal editors and the reviewers.

Currently, the GSP provides translation services for the following languages: Russian, Japanese, Simplified or Traditional Chinese, Korean and Spanish. Services for other languages are coming soon.

The rate is $205/page. A page is defined as the following: Letter size (8.5 inch by 11 inch, or 215.9 mm by 279.4 mm), Margins (1 inch or 25.4 mm for the top, bottom, left and right borders), Font and size (Times New Roman, 12), Line spacing (single). Every two figures/tables are considered as one page. A manuscript may be converted to this format for calculating the Language Service charges.

Only when our language sevices are ordered can a manuscript in non-English language be allowed for submission.

Please order this language service using the Language Service Order Form.


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