For Reviewers

Reviewer Registration
The Global Scientific Publishers (GSP) invites researchers from all over the world to register as reviewers. Reviewers are requested to upload information about their research experience, interests and specialties, such as 5-7 keywords related to the areas of interest, so that the editors can find the relative submissions to them for review.
The GSP realizes and acknowledges the importance of our valuable reviewers in maintaining the high quality and standard of scientific papers.
Reviewer Instructions

Each journal has its own review process. In general, for the GSP journals, the basic process is as the following:

  1. The Corresponding Author submits a manuscript.

  2. The Editor solicits and assigns Reviewers for the manuscript.

  3. The Reviewers evaluate the manuscript and return their comments to the Editor.

  4. The Editor evaluates the recommendation of the review.

  5. The Editor sends reviews and publication recommendations to the Corresponding Author.
  6. Depending on the recommendation, the decision may be:

    • Accepted in the present form, the Author submits a final version of the manuscript; carefully considering formatting instructions, filling out the copyright form and sending the cost of publication.

    • Accepted provided minor revisions are made; the Author submits a revised manuscript which goes back to steps 3 or 4 depending on the extent of the revisions.

    • Resubmit and re-review, the Author submits a revised manuscript which goes back to steps 2 or 3 depending on the availability of same reviewers.

    • Rejected, implies paper not suitable for publication in the journal. However we still encourage the authors to resubmit after thorough revision provided substantial changes for re-consideration are made. The authors may submit a fresh paper or improved version of the previously submitted paper, but with such a decision, new reviewers will be assigned and a complete new review process will take place.

  7. * If a reviewer finds that the manuscript is out of the scope of his/her academic area or is unable to return the review by the deadline, it is recommended that the reviewer contact the editors to arrange an alternative.

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